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NextClip is a tool for comprehensive quality analysis and read preparation for Nextera long mate pair (LMP) libraries. NextClip comprises two parts. The core component is the NextClip command line tool, an efficient C program for processing mate pair FASTQ files, generating summary statistics and preparing reads for use in scaffolding. A second component, the NextClip pipeline, is designed for cases where there is a reference of partially assembly. It utilises NextClip, along with BWA, to generate a more detailed PDF report that includes analysis of library insert sizes.

Published as:

NextClip: an analysis and read preparation tool for Nextera long mate pair libraries
Richard M. Leggett; Bernardo J. Clavijo; Leah Clissold; Matthew D. Clark; Mario Caccamo
Bioinformatics 2013; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt702

Source code is available at GitHub.

A manual is available here.



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