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  • TGAC Browser 0.1.2 release
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TGAC Browser version 0.1.2 has been released!

Source code is available on GitHub

Release notes:

  1. Support added for the tracks mapped to assembly level can be displayed
  2. Assembly Tracks graphs when large data to be displayed
  3. Results displayed on chromosome map,
    • if Chromosome available in database
  4. Tracks colour can be set from database
    • web_data column in analysis_description table
  5. Build with property path as variable 
    • mvn clean install -Dprofile=tgac-browser -Dprofile-path=/storage/browser
  6. Small UI changes
  7. Front-end and Back-end code changes: refactored

Roadmap of issues under investigation:

  1. SAM/BAM files can be slow to load and render

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