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  • TGAC Browser 0.2.0 release
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TGAC Browser version 0.2.0 has been released!

Source code is available on GitHub

Release notes:

  1. Results displayed on chromosome map 
    • show list when clicked on a result hit
  2. More tracks supports with Java-Genomics-IO 
    • wig,BigWig, BAM
  3. Wig 
    • data shows in positive and negative strands
  4. BAM 
    • files show paired end data with colour codes
    • Thanks to Gemy G. Kaithakottil for this
  5. Tracks can be grouped together
    1. group-name should be same for a single group others with no information group into separate single group

      web_data in analysis_description
      "colour": "red",
      "source": "database",
      "group-name": LIB1777,
  6. Tracks from file can be configured directly from e! database
    1. source = file and file path = location of file

      web_data in analysis_description
      "colour": "blue",
      "source": "file",
      "filepath": "/storage/browser/data/",
      "group-name": LIB1777,
  7. BLAST Manager (does not works with BLAST NCBI configuration)
    1. list BLAST runs in a list, which can be viewed, removed and multiple BLAST can be run at same time
    2. keep BLAST run parameter and results into blast_manager database
    3. keep track of previous BLAST runs and load result from database Minor UI changes
  8. Performance optimised
  9. Major code refactoring and cleaning
  10. JavaDocs added link
  11. Various bugs fixed

Roadmap of issues under investigation:

  1. More tracks type
    1. bigBed and GFF files
    2. Loading track files from DropBox

Installation Guide 


  • For any new features or bugs please create an issue at GitHub Issue.
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