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  • TGAC Browser 0.2.1 release
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TGAC Browser version 0.2.1 has been released!

Source code is available on GitHub

Release notes:


  1. Searching
    1. Supports more than one kind of coordinate system
      1. i.e. more than one version of Chromosome, Scaffold, contigs in same table
    2. Unmapped hits on Chromosome showed in separate Table
  2. Different Unit and scale
    1. TGAC Browser now supports and display different scale and unit from meta table
      1. meta_idspeciesmeta-keymeta-value
  3. BLAST 
    1. Alignment view in result
    2. BLASTX added
    3. Resources: 
      1. BLAST Perl scripts running on server added
  4. Various visual changes
    1. Thanks to Martin Ayling (TGAC, UK)
  5. HeatMap for extra large data
  6. More tracks supports with Java-Genomics-IO 
    1. GFF file support added
    2. VCF file support added
    3. BAM to wig 
  7. Performance optimised
    1. Faster gene query
    2. Faster assembly loading
  8. Various bugs fixed
    1. Popup in Chrome/Safari
    2. Stacking algorithm
  9. Java version updated to Java 7

Installation Guide 


  • For any new features or bugs please create an issue at GitHub Issue.
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